About The Partnership for Ontario County

The Partnership for Ontario County is an independent non-profit organization with offices in Canandaigua, New York.  It has served Ontario County since 1998 and is the umbrella organization for the seven programs and initiatives described below.   In addition, the Partnership serves as the fiscal agent for Nowhere to Go, an initiative for homelessness in Ontario County.

The Programs We Administer

Our Mission 

The Mission of the Partnership of Ontario County is to create, support and administer alliances to cultivate positive social change.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Partnership for Ontario County is an environment where all people are hopeful, engaged and thriving

Our Team

Bonnie Ross: Executive Director
Patricia Dhondt-Campbell: Operations Manager
Abigail Rice: Office Manager
Nancy McAllister: Bookkeeper
Petrea Rae: Director, Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Ontario County
Tracey Lewis: Director, Family Support Centers
Yvonne Vazquez: Director, Ontario County Youth Court
Deb Holland: Director, Youth Mental Health First Aid
Kelli Gage: Director, Youth Clubhouse
Erin Couillard: Administrative Assistant, Youth Clubhouse
Diane Kellogg: Youth and Family Enrichment Specialist, Youth Clubhouse
Lexi Buckley: Youth Leader, Youth Clubhouse
Liam Sullivan: Youth Leader, Youth Clubhouse
Scott Hubbard: Youth Leader, Youth Clubhouse
Jennifer Brownell: Director, Child Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes
Summer Jensen: Child Advocacy Specialist I, Child Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes
Ashley Davoli: Child Advocacy Specialist II, Child Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes

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