Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Ontario County

Our mission is to collaboratively engage, inform, and unite our communities in the reduction of substance abuse through prevention efforts.

Our vision: Substance abuse free Ontario County

Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is a community coalition that meets regularly to implement prevention strategies to utilizing the strategic prevention framework developed by SAMHSA.  In addition, the coalition provides educational outreach on a variety of topics including the current drug epidemic gripping our region.  The coalition collaborates with community partners to host medication take back events and provide drop boxes throughout the county.

For details about the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Ontario County, please go to our website at the following link:

What Prevention Coalition is Doing:

The coalition members are currently funded to through OASAS to work on the strategic prevention framework focused on heroin, opiates and prescription drug misuse in the 12-25 age population. We have surveyed approximately 4,000 youth in this age range to determine what the reality is within Ontario County. These assessments are done through surveys (paper and electronic), focus groups, and community interviews. The coalition has also held community and school-based forums to address and inform the public on substance abuse issues.  Attendance for these events has totaled approximately 5,500 attendees.

The coalition meets monthly and breaks into work groups to create prevention efforts throughout Ontario County.

We are working on the following strategies:

-Restricting availability of prescription drugs at home through education and communication

-Support of the medication take back program

-Social marketing around perception of risk for heroin and prescription drugs

Why It Matters:

Through prevention efforts, the coalition can help address substance misuse and abuse within our county.

How to Get Involved:

-Attend Coalition Meetings held at 4pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (Wood Library, Canandaigua).

-Join our email newsletter by contacting us or signing up with a coalition member today.

-Attend upcoming events.

-Let us know your ideas and thoughts regarding substance abuse in our county.

-Keep up to date by visiting our Facebook Page

Public Service Announcement:

Medicine Cabinet PSA: MedCabinetPSA ;15

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Thank you to the IB Film students of Canandaigua Academy for creating these PSAs for the coalition.

To learn more:

If you have any further questions regarding this coalition, please contact the coalition coordinator: Petrea Rae at (716)474-6287 or

Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Website: