Youth Court Application

Please click here to download the Youth Court application & rules and send it to:

Yvonne Vazquez, Program Director
Ontario County Youth Court
5297 Parkside Drive, Suite 301
Canandaigua NY 14424

Phone: (585) 396-4519
Fax: (585) 396-4520

Alternatively, you may fill out the following form to apply online.

Rules for Youth Court Members

  1. You are responsible for attending all scheduled training sessions. (Exceptions are: death in the family or personal illness. It is your obligation to your fellow members and to the defendants served by the court to exercise the duties and obligations of YC to the best of your ability. Missed training sessions must be made up.)
  2. You are expected to be courteous to all speakers during training sessions. If your behavior is a problem you will be asked to leave without a second chance.
  3. All Youth Court members must report in writing, to the Youth Court Coordinator, any contact with law enforcement officials. This report must be made within three (3) days of such contact.
  4. All Youth Court members charged with a violation of any Federal, State or Local law may be dismissed from the program pending review by the Youth Court Steering Committee.
  5. You are expected to uphold the confidentiality of ALL matters dealt with by the court. This is the special duty of ALL Youth Court members. ALL CASES MUST BE KEPT PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. All Youth Court members must sign and understand the Oath of Confidentiality.
  6. All members are expected to dress as professionally and respectfully as possible during court sessions. DRESS FOR RESPECT.
  7. Members must remain drug and alcohol free. No smoking is permitted at any Youth Court events.
  8. If assigned to a case and you have prior knowledge of the defendant and feel you cannot be impartial, it is your obligation to notify the coordinator immediately.
  9. Members must be respectful of the courtroom (no food, beverages). Always behave professionally.
  10. Always be on time and have a positive attitude.

July 2004

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